Progress through partnership

The HepaMAb project has brought together seven research teams from across Europe who will harness their extensive inter-disciplinary know-how to realise the ambitious aims of the HepaMAb project:

  • The Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre Biomedical Research Unit of the University of Nottingham bring long-standing experience of HIV and HCV in vitro infection models and unique analytical tools

  • The Centre for Vaccinology at the University of Ghent have unique expertise in animal models for testing safety and efficacy of candidate drugs and immunotherapeutic agents against human hepatotropic viruses

  • Molecules of Man AB, an SME that has pioneered the field of human monoclonal antibodies (mAb) against HCV and have developed a number of novel human HCV neutralizing mAb

  • CEINGE, with previous experience in the development of anti-viral vaccines and biologics, who have generated human antibodies against the HCV receptor SR-BI

  • GenIbet, an SME with state of the art facilities and capability to produce mAbs and other biologics to GMP standard

  • The University of Strasbourg, who have developed a novel anti-tight junction protein antibody platform; and

  • The Liver unit at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona who are one of the most experienced clinics in the field of liver transplant and post-transplantation care.